Drink drive reform plans announced

A minister in Northern Ireland has announced proposals to slash the drink-drive limit by almost 50%.

The move would herald the biggest reform of the law for four decades and random breath testing would be ramped up to enforce the new rules.

Stormont Environment Minister Alex Attwood announced the move, saying that the public was looking for a shift in how the problem of drink driving is tackled.

Under the proposals the blood alcohol limit will go from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

People whose job sees them spending a lot of time behind the wheel will see it lowered to 20mg, alongside new and young drivers.

It is thought the proposals could help reduce the number of accidents on roads in the province and possibly impact on car insurance premiums.

The minister also proposed that fixed penalties for first offences at lower limits should be introduced alongside random breath testing carried out without suspicion that the driver had been drinking.

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