Drink-drive limit 'must be reduced'

More than 75% of people would support a reduction of the legal drink-drive limit, according to a poll.

The survey, carried out by ITV's Tonight programme, comes ahead of a Government consultation which is expected to reject the lowering of the limit from 80mg to 50mg. The survey of 2,903 people, revealed that 77% would back a reduction to 50mg.

Also, 17% of those questioned admitted they had driven home after a night out knowing they were likely to be over the limit.

As part of the programme, Tonight filmed amateur football team, the Lotus 11 from Plymouth.

Cameras followed the team as they drank after a match and tested them the next morning to see what level of alcohol remained in their blood. The players' blood levels tested under the drink-drive limit.

But, Dr Mark Wright, a consultant specialising in hepatology who oversaw the experiment, said: "Having seen those lads this morning I am more convinced that the limit for the breathalyser test has to be brought down. Some of those lads we tested were clearly inebriated."

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