Double yellow line gaffe revealed

Double yellow line gaffe revealed

A local authority has vowed to rectify its mistake after a contractor painted a double yellow line between a taxi rank and some parking bays - almost certainly the smallest of its kind in the UK.

Anyone caught on the tiny nine-inch-long line in Caxton Street, Westminster, must surely have the world's smallestbreakdown cover policy to match their miniscule vehicle.

Westminster City Council's strategic director for city management, Leith Penny, said: "This was a mistake by a contractor. We are obviously not happy about it, because double yellow lines should play an important part in traffic management and road safety.

"On this occasion we can see how absurd this looks and we will make sure it is corrected."

The gaffe has managed to outdo a set of double yellow lines which measured just 13 inches on a Cambridge road.

Cambridgeshire County Council managed to paint the lines on a gap between parking bays in Humberstone Road in West Chesterton.

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