Double whammy for train passengers

Unions have warned that rail passengers will feel the financial squeeze in the new year as they are faced with higher fares and increased car parking charges at stations.

The Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA) said the "double whammy" will see car parking prices go up by around 5% and fares rise by an average of 6.2%.

General secretary Manuel Cortes said: "This is blatant profiteering by the private train operators who are simply exploiting an audience who cannot walk away from their service.

"We hear a lot about the squeezed middle - well these companies are now squeezing until the pips squeak. Finding the cash to pay for expensive season tickets which are going up by 6.2% is hard enough. Now to mug them again on parking, when an annual car parking ticket can cost more than £1,000 in the South East, is outrageous."

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