Dorset revealed as speeding hotspot

Motorists with the heaviest foots on the accelerator pedal are those living in Dorset, a study of speeding conviction hotspots has revealed.

In the per-postcode analysis of speeding convictions, five of the areas were in Dorset.

Getting caught speeding can push up yourcar insurance premiums when you come to renew your cover.

In the last five years, nearly a quarter of motorists in the Sandbanks area of Poole in Dorset - 24.2% - were caught breaking the speed limit.

This was second anywhere in the country only to Radlett in Hertfordshire, which had a figure of 25.7%.

The figure for the Westbourne area of Bournemouth in Dorset was 22.9% - putting it in fourth place in the list, while the Lilliput area of Poole was seventh with 21.2%, Winton in Bournemouth was 15th, with 19.2%, and West Cliff in Bournemouth was 20th with 18.9%.

In contrast, St Ives in Cornwall appeared to be the most law-abiding place, with only 5.5% of drivers having a speeding conviction in the last five years.

Second in the conviction "coldspot" list was Small Heath in Birmingham (5.8%).

In the poll of 2,100 adults by car insurance company Admiral, 87% of drivers admitted breaking the speed limit, with 69% thinking the 70mph limit on motorways should be 80mph or more.

The poll also revealed that more than 10% of motorists had a speeding conviction on their licence.

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