Doolally alley's yellow line wonder

Doolally alley's yellow line wonder

Perhaps Swindon Borough Council contractors know something that we don't about the latest in miniaturised cars under manufacture.

But bungling workmen painted two crazy sets of double yellow lines in an alleyway which is too narrow to drive down.

Lines down the passageway off Newhall Street leave a gap of only 13in (33cm) that is right off the map of all motorists'journey planners .

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman admitted: "It seems that our contractors forgot just how big cars actually are when they painted this one."

He said the authority will be "taking it up" with their contractors.

The lines come in the wake of local taxpayers asking the council to deal with illegal parking in alleyways.

Local resident Nathalie Fisher said you couldn't even fit a motorbike down it.

Ms Fisher, who lives on Newhall Street, said she was pleased that the council came around to clean all of the back alleyways up, but added: "To find out the only reason was to double yellow everything they could physically see was a bit of a mystery."

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