DJ Evans 'launches' Classic Car Day

DJ Evans 'launches' Classic Car Day

BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans has declared Friday, April 4 as UK National Classic Car Day and is inviting owners to help him raise money for Children in Need.

Motoring enthusiast Evans came up with the idea during his breakfast show on Monday and is asking classic car owners to drive themselves and others to work in them on that day - as well as donating to the appeal.

Evans said there are no rules to his National Classic Car Day and anyone who considers their car a classic can be involved.

He certainly has a big collection to choose from, including famously the only working car built for the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Powered by a Ford Racing 3.0-litre V6, the car has a dashboard plate from a First World War British fighter plane, shiny aluminium bonnet, red and white cedar boat deck and Edwardian brass fittings.

Evans had intended to make this Friday the big day, but it is already designated as national Where A Hat Day on behalf of Brain Tumour Research, so he pushed it back a week.

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