Distillery plant powers Nissan Leaf

A Scottish distillery owner powers his new Nissan Leaf with electricity generated from the waste collected during the whisky production process.

Mark Reynier, who owns the award-winning 130-year-old Bruichladdich distillery, bought the electric car to achieve self-sufficiency in transport on the remote Hebridean island of Islay.

The business man installed a Biowayste system in his plant from which electricity, required to charge his eco-friendly and carbon-free car, is generated.

Mr Reynier said: "The LEAF is fantastic to drive. It was frustrating to be making such strides in being self-sufficient, when my car still needed the most expensive diesel in the UK from the mainland."

He added: "The arrival of the LEAF has allowed me to be as truly self-sufficient as possible."

In order to celebrate his zero-waste operation, Bruichladdich along with Nissan has released a special Leaf edition organic whiskey.

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