Discount on MG Rover car parts

Spares specialist Xpart has announced a price drop on more than 5,000 parts of MG Rover cars from next month, in an attempt to help the vehicles stay on road for a longer time.

This is expected to support owners of MG and Rover cars to keep repair and maintenance costs low. Discount will be offered on mechanical, body parts, trim as well as accessories.

Barry Smith, UK sales manager at Xpart, said: "As the MG Rover vehicle parc is now at least five-years-old and depreciating in value, many owners may be tempted not to purchase replacement parts, such as trim, that are not vital to keeping the car on the road.

"By reducing the prices of a large number of parts we are helping to keep repair and maintenance costs low, which in turn increases the likelihood of more MG Rover cars staying on our roads for longer."

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