Diesel prices hit £5 a gallon

Motorists are out of pocket once again as the average price of diesel has reached £5 a gallon for the first time in a year.

Prices rose, on average, 3.78p a litre from mid-October to mid-November - going up from 106.24p a litre to 110.02p.

Average petrol pump prices in the same period rose 3.67p a litre - from 105.07p to 108.74p.

The overall increases have added £3.26 to the monthly fuel costs of a diesel car and £3.98 for a petrol car.

Unlike this time last year, when supermarkets were slashing costs, the average price of supermarket petrol and diesel has risen more than 4p a litre in the last four weeks.

The most expensive petrol is now to be found in Northern Ireland (109.4p a litre) and the cheapest in Yorkshire and Humberside (107.8p a litre).

Northern Ireland also has the highest average diesel prices at present - 110.8p a litre - while the cheapest diesel (109.1p) can be found in north west England and also in Yorkshire and Humberside.

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