Diesel 'not cheaper than petrol'

Diesel cars are no cheaper to run than their petrol counterparts unless motorists clock up more than 10,000 miles a year, a car industry specialist has warned.

Sales of diesel vehicles have surged in recent years as drivers believe them to be more cost effective than petrol models.

But Glass's Guide claims the majority of Britain's 8,763,500 diesel car owners are simply throwing their money away by not taking into account how many miles they drive each year.

A total of 981,584 diesel vehicles were purchased in the UK last year - almost 50,000 more than sales of petrol models, but the average cost of a three-year-old family-sized diesel car can be up to £2,000 more expensive than its petrol equivalent.

Motorists seeking the most cost effective means of road travel are well advised to evaluate running expenses, road miles and comprehensive car insurance cover.

"Sooner or later, buyers will realise you actually have to do 10,000 miles or so to recoup the cost," said Glass's Guide managing editor Adrian Rushmore.

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