DfT rules out learner restrictions

The Department for Transport has voted against placing restrictions on young drivers and has instead said improved driving instruction and exams will be delivered.

Proposals were put forward to place a curfew on when young drivers could be on the road and the amount of passengers they could carry in their vehicle.

There were also calls to introduce a graduated driver licensing scheme, which would mean different stages would be introduced to give drivers more time and practice before being handed a full licence.

But the head of road safety at the Department for Transport, Paul O'Sullivan, said these rules have been deemed counter-productive for young drivers who work or study at night and need to drive to establishments.

He said: "If you ban carrying other passengers among young groups you will get more young drivers on the road. It doesn't sit with the designated driver schemes or with car sharing, and police enforcement would be difficult.

"The Government is not keen to take liberties away unless there is a very strong case for doing so."

Mr O'Sullivan said instead the department will improve driving tuition and exams and revamp the Pass Plus scheme, which can help to bring down the cost ofcar insurance .

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