Demand for street parties increases

The Local Government Association (LGA) has said the number of street parties for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this summer is set to top the amount held last year for the royal wedding.

Figures show that councils in England and Wales have received 3,500 applications to close roads for parties to celebrate the 60 years since Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

So far 47 applications have been submitted in Hertfordshire. It is currently the highest number received so far, followed by Nottinghamshire with 45.

Last year there were an estimated 5,500 received in total for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Price William, however around this time last year only a few were submitted in comparison to the 3,500 received so far for the Jubilee.

Celebrations for the royal event this year is expected to be bigger than those parties held for the wedding last year.

Councillor Flick Rea, chair of the LGA's culture, tourism and sport board, said: "Residents are telling us they had such a great time at street parties last year that they want to hold one again, and many of those who didn't get involved in the community celebrations don't want to miss out this time round.

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