DeLorean plans go up for auction

Architectural plans for the ill-fated DeLorean plant in Belfast, which are almost 30-years-old to the day, are set to be auctioned off.

The ambitious plans, which are dated August 12 1979, give an insight into the optimism the company had for the future. The 660,000 square foot DeLorean plant in Dunmurry was three years in the making before it opened in 1981 courtesy of Farrans McLaughlin and Harvey.

Despite the troubled past of the car company its Gull-Wing sports car has been given iconic status after it was immortalised in 'Back to The Future'.

The plans will go up for sale at McAfee Auctions in Ballymoney on August 14 and one of the auctioneers at McAfee said it is one of the most unusual items the group has ever sold.

Gerry McAfee, principal auctioneer of McAfee Auctions, said: "These architectural plans came from a clearance and were tucked away with many other objects and this always adds to the excitement of finding such unusual and interesting things."

"The plans are of historic if not monetary value and there's no reserve on them so we expect they may sell for between £50 and £100."

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