Delay busting body misses target

New figures have revealed that the body charged with keeping the country's motorway network and 'A' roads moving failed to hit its targets.

Hindered partly by last summer's floods, the Highways Agency achieved a 2007/08 figure of 3.95 minutes' delay per 10 miles travelled compared with a target of 3.78 minutes.

The agency also failed to meet its target for developing a value-for-money indicator regarding maintenance, but either met or exceeded most of its targets, including exceeding its road user satisfaction target.

Highways Agency chief executive Graham Dalton said: "Meeting or exceeding most of our key targets is an immense credit to all the staff, our many suppliers and to my predecessor, Archie Robertson. Last year we were able to limit the increase in delays for the 10% slowest journeys to one second per mile.

"We were unable to meet our journey time reliability target overall, but statistics show that since June 2007 journey times have improved as a result of our commitment to tackling congestion and our ongoing investment in congestion busting measures."

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