Degraded roads 'key election issue'

The state of the UK roads network is the single biggest transport problem for the electorate, the RAC Foundation has claimed.

An Ipsos Mori survey, commission by the foundation, said three-quarters of those questioned said potholes and other damage to roads was a big problem where they lived.

Around seven in 10 people said they wanted road maintenance budgets to be immune from the swingeing cuts being planned by the main political parties.

Any incoming government's priorities should be bringing the UK's roads and pavements up to a reasonable standard, reducing the cost of using a car and cutting the cost of rail travel, according the survey.

At least half of those questioned said they are either "very" or "fairly" dissatisfied with road maintenance, the highest rate in this category since 2001, the RAC Foundation said.

The foundation's Stephen Glaister said: "This starkly underlines the huge inconvenience potholes are causing the majority of the public and leaves would-be politicians in no doubt of where voters - no matter what their political persuasion - think the next government's transport priorities should lie.

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