Dashboard clutter 'endangers lives'

Bad driving habits such as litter-hoarding on the dashboard of vehicles have increased the chances of accidents on roads, a recent survey has found.

According to the study by Autoglass, 33% of van drivers and 34% of truck drivers reveal that during the past year they have had between 11 and 30 near misses due to their view being blocked.

Among the most common things drivers admit to leaving on their dashboards were fast-food boxes, cuddly toys or other accessories, newspapers and coffee cups.

Despite their view being blocked, 10% of van drivers and 23% of lorry drivers have admitted that they have never cleared the clutter off their dashboards.

Matthew Maycock, the managing director of Autoglass said: "While the classic white van man stereotype is now outdated, it is clear from our latest survey that drivers spending long hours on the road mustn't let their litter-hoarding habits put their own or other road users' lives at risk.

He added: "Vehicle owners should regularly clear their dashboards of clutter to ensure they have maximum visibility while on the roads."

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