Dartford Crossing toll system questioned

Dartford Crossing toll system questioned

Drivers who appeal against fines for non-payment of the Dartford Crossing toll have a success rate of over 80%, figures show.

More than 25 million motorists have used the Thames crossing to the east of London during the chargeable hours of 6am to 10pm since the DartCharge began on December 1, and nearly one million have received a fine, reports suggest.

Despite the high success rate in challenging the £70 fine, only 4% of people who received a penalty notice bothered to appeal, according to motoring magazine Auto Express, which revealed the figures following a Freedom of Information request.

The crossing, which links Kent to the south of the Thames and Essex to the north, was previously operated by toll booths but now uses automatic number plate recognition technology and digital payments.

It is thought the system has been misreading letters and incorrectly sending out charges, but thousands of fined drivers are paying up anyway without questioning the notices.

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