Dad prevents runaway car tragedy

A father who leapt into a runaway car to save his three young children has been hailed as a hero.

Chris Cashmore had just put his offspring - Bradley, five, Courtney, 19 months, and six-month-old Demi - into the Toyota Previa when it started rolling down a steep bank towards a house.

The 26-year-old managed to get into the front of the vehicle, pressing the brake with one hand and steering the car away from danger with the other.

The car's door was torn off after it picked up speed running down the bank and crashed into a neighbour's garden fence. All three children were unharmed.

Their mother Becky Williams, 22, said the car was careering towards the house and the children could have been seriously hurt.

Mr Cashmore, from Plymouth, Devon, said any parent would react in the same way.

He said: "I felt the car rolling and I just panicked and jumped out and ran alongside it to get in the front seat.

"I managed to put my right hand on the brake pedal and my other hand was on the steering wheel just trying to steer it away from the house. I was just glad all the kids were OK."

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