DAB to be standard for Renault

DAB to be standard for Renault

Renault UK has released details of its latest technology innovation, with the introduction of DAB radio for both new and existing models.

Renault will begin to fit the new system, with the device attached to the back of the radio, as standard across its range from next year - starting with the new Trafic and Twingo.

Meanwhile the firm has brought in an official integrated solution allowing digital radio improvements like enhanced sound quality and a greater choice of stations.

The latest DAB system fits with all Renaults dating back to 2008, irrespective of whether they have in-built satellite navigation or infotainment systems.

The device, which works with steering controls, has 20 preset national stations, voice guidance in auto DAB mode, and the owner can even use it to access a technical helpline.

The system, which costs £240 including VAT and fitting, is simple and cost effective, according to Renault UK's services and quality director Mark Crockett.

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