Cyclists told to stay law-abiding

Regardless of whether or not current legislation makes roads safe to ride on, cyclists should not resort to breaking the law, a national cycle organisation has said.

CTC campaigns and policy manager Roger Geffen said some cyclists break the law because they believe it is safer but he added that their behaviour was still wrong.

Instead, he called for changes to reduce the risk to cyclists including more 20mph speed limits and one way streets being made two way for cyclists.

He said that it did not excuse all law-breaking, adding: "Some people are just antisocial and some drive cars and some ride bicycles."

Mr Geffen suggested instead of forcing councils to fund expensive and unpopular road humps or install numerous signs which residents consider an eyesore, drivers should just be told to assume a road is 20mph unless a sign tells them otherwise.

He said the limit could be enforced using cameras which record when a car enters and exits the 20mph zone and assess the driver's speed.

"There will be a minority who will complain about this being an infringement of the rights of British motorists but the current system is an infringement of the rights of British cyclists and pedestrians," he added.

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