Cyclists 'need space to stay safe'

Scotland's cyclists would be safer if they had more room on the roads, a charity has said.

Suntrans Scotland will highlight work which is currently going ahead in Glasgow to bring in two-lane paths for bikes on main roads.

The organisation, which promotes sustainable transport methods, will attend a cycle safety summit in Edinburgh, chaired by Keith Brown, the minister for transport.

Mr Brown convened the summit following the death of cyclist Bryan Simons, 40, this month. He was the fourth person in a year to be killed while riding a bike in Edinburgh.

Transport Scotland, councils, safety and cycling campaigners and the emergency services will be brought together at the meeting.

John Lauder, national director of Sustran Scotland, said: "Cycling is a great way to get Scotland fitter and healthier, while allowing people to save money while getting around.

"However, many people are put off using their bike for regular journeys as they feel our roads are unsafe.

"Scotland needs to employ a can-do attitude to main roads in our towns and cities if we are going to make cycling safer on our roads."

Suntrans is also campaigning for 20 mph speed limits to be implemented on Scotland's residential roads.

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