Cyclists denied red light go-ahead

Cyclists denied red light go-ahead

Proposed alterations to the highway code to give cyclists the right to make a left turn at red traffic lights will probably not happen, Roads Minister Mike Penning told MPs.

Changing the rules for cyclists could result in motorists and other drivers attempting to follow their lead, Mr Penning explained to the House of Commons Transport Committee.

He said that although the Government would consider changes to traffic light rules, no alterations are imminent.

He added: "The reason that traffic light regulations have not dramatically changed over the years is that they do what it says on the tin, by keeping the roads safe."

Mr Penning also talked about the public perception of bikes as a dangerous mode of transport and said this makes people reluctant to cycle.

He said that the UK is safer than two countries where cycling is popular, Sweden and the Netherlands, with fewer cyclist fatalities per 100,000 people.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said as cycling becomes more popular, there should be fewer accidents since motorists are often more careful of cyclists in groups than individually.

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