Cyclist road fines up by a quarter

Cyclist road fines up by a quarter

Motoring groups have welcomed a 24% rise in the number of fines dished out to rule-breaking cyclists in Scotland.

Statistics show that "reported cycling offences" across the country jumped from 298 in 2010/11 to 369 in 2012/13.

The biggest increase was in cyclists "carelessly or inconsiderately riding a bicycle", which almost doubled from 50 to 96 during the period.

Dangerous riding offences shot up by 33%, from 27 to 36, although the number of cyclists caught drunk at the handlebars fell 14% from 44 to 38.

A total of 199 - the largest proportion of offences by cyclists - were simply classed as "other".

Neil Greig, director of policy for the Institute of Advanced Motoring, claims the figures will reassure motorists.

"I'm pleased to see a rise in cycling prosecutions to match the rise in cycling," he said.

"Cyclists must exercise responsibility if they want to be taken seriously as a mainstream form of transport.

"Motorists often feel that cyclists get away with bad behaviour, whether it's cutting through red lights or putting themselves at risk in other ways."

A prang with a cyclist has the potential to push up car insurance premiums for any driver.

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