Cycle safety campaign to cut down crashes with lorries

Cycle safety campaign to cut down crashes with lorries
An official campaign is being launched to cut the number accidents that occur on the roads between lorry drivers and cyclists.

Research published last year revealed that a fifth of crashes in which cyclists were killed involved HGVs.

Now, the campaign, from Think!, is encouraging cyclists to give lorries sufficient room when turning so they do not get caught between the vehicle and the curb.

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It is thought that a large proportion of accidents between lorries and cyclists occur when the vehicles are turning left.

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As part of the campaign, HGV drivers will also be targeted with support from the Freight Transport Association (FTA), while advice will be issued to car drivers in a bid to make cycling on the road safer.

The initiative includes a film – “Things you shouldn’t get caught between” – and a series of posters carrying the message, “Don’t get caught between a lorry and a left turn. Hang back.”

It comes alongside government investment of £40 million to provide cycle training to more than one million children on the key skills they need to stay safe on the road.

Christopher Snelling, from the FTA, said that by drawing attention to the blind spot at the front left of a HGV, the campaign would highlight one of the biggest danger zones for cyclists.

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In addition, he said, design innovations such as transparent cab doors are also playing their part in improving safety for bike riders using the roads.

He said: “We need to make our busy urban roads as safe as possible for all users and it’s important that both HGV drivers and cyclists understand the risks created by sharing the limited road space and know what steps they can take to minimise them.”

In a poll carried out by YouGov for British Cycling, drivers said they support the idea of having more cycle tracks on main roads.

For 71%, this was case even if it meant adding a minute or two to their own journey time, while 54% said they would support the idea even if it meant increasing travel by five minutes.

Commenting on the new initiative, Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “This campaign will raise awareness amongst urban cyclists and help make our roads safer for those on two wheels.”

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