Crimson cars a bullseye for birds

Crimson cars a bullseye for birds

It seems red is for 'go' and green is for 'stop' as the latest study finds postbox-coloured vehicles are often a target for birds to leave their droppings on, while green cars are the least marred out of all the colours.

In a two-day study conducted in five different cities across Britain, researchers found that red cars attract bird excrement the most, followed by blue and black motors. At the other end of the spectrum, green vehicles were inflicted the least, followed by grey or silver cars, then white.

The report - which consisted of 1,140 vehicles in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol - analysed how often birds left their marks on cars and whether they preferred one colour over others. But researchers also quizzed drivers on how long it takes for them to clean their cars after finding bird mess.

One in six (17%) said "in an instant", while one in five (20%) said "within the following two days". Most (55%) said until the next car wash, while 8% said they did not bother.

Bird droppings cause owners to fork out for additional cleaning costs that run into millions of pounds each year, according to analysis bycar insurance experts. They found that drivers typically spend £57 million a year from car insurance policies on repairs and paintwork to get rid of stains made by birds.

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