Crashed supercar 'had been hired'

Police are investigating claims that a supercar wrecked in a crash on a country lane may have been driven by a man who hired it for a wedding reception.

The white £140,000 Lamborghini convertible was badly damaged when it hit a tree near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, on Sunday evening. The driver escaped serious injury, police said.

The Sun newspaper reported that the driver was one of a group of men who told drinkers in a local pub that they had been to a wedding reception and had hired three Lamborghinis and a Bentley for the weekend.

Brian Jarvis, licensee of The Cider House in Wootton, said the pub was co-operating fully with the police and had made their CCTV available.

A man who saw the group commented on a car website: "I was down the pub having a quiet drink with a few friends when three Lamborghinis and a Bentley raced up the quiet country lane and onto the car park."

He added that the driver of the white Lamborghini sat in the car park "for a while, just revving it until it was hitting the limiter". The crash occurred two hours later.

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said: "The driver was seemingly not seriously injured as he was picked up by another vehicle and his car was abandoned."

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