Crash copper was Car Wars star

A motoring show reporting on police chases featured an officer who this week wrote off a car loaned to a force for a test drive, it has emerged.

BBC1's Car Wars captured footage of Greater Manchester Police's high-speed pursuit unit as it went after people suspected of breaking the law while behind the wheel.

But it's now emerged that one of the officers on the show was Pc Paul Fletcher, who has since written-off a £40,000 supercar during a test drive.

In a story which shows how importantcar insurance is, the officer crashed the Volkswagen Gold R when driving in Old Trafford.

Fire crews had to cut Mr Fletcher - a member of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) intercept unit - from the wreckage after he lost control on a roundabout.

He has been handed a temporary suspension from driving duties over the incident, which took place on a public road after the car had been loaned to the force.

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