Crackdown on foreign lorry drivers

Tougher measures to regulate foreign lorries committing offences on UK roads are to be announced later this week.

The results of a consultation on plans to issue fixed penalty notices and possible on-the-spot fines to drivers of overseas heavy goods vehicles who break UK traffic rules will be published by the Government.

The transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick told an audience at the British International Motor Show in London that the regulations could be introduced by spring 2009.

Mr Fitzpatrick also spoke about recent calls by the government's chief medical officer for a cut in the drink drive limit.

He said: "Our inclination is to go with stricter enforcement of the present limit although we are aware that there will be very strong opinions out there from people who would prefer us to lower the limit."

The fact that although there was a 6% increase in breathalyser tests carried out at Christmas, there was a 20% drop in the number of people tested positive, had heartened him he added.

"It looks as if the message is getting through," he said.

Asked how he had got to the show, Mr Fitzpatrick replied: "I could have walked it in 15 minutes as I only live down the road but I came in my ministerial Honda Accord hybrid as I had papers with me and my suit that I needed to wear at a Buckingham Palace garden party this afternoon."

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