Crackdown on driving mobile use

A total of 180 drivers were caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel under a police crackdown in Scotland, it has been revealed.

Among the total was a lorry driver who was pulled over for checking his text messages while driving through a city centre, police said.

More people were caught this year than in the same operation in 2009 - when 171 people were stopped.

All eight Scottish forces were brought in to work on the 24-hour campaign - led by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.

A total of 103 people were caught in and around Strathclyde - the most in any one area. In Lothian and Borders, 39 drivers were stopped after being seen using their phones.

The campaign aimed to raise motorists' awareness of the dangers using a mobile phone whilst driving, which can impair reaction times and concentration levels even when using a hands-free device.

Chief Superintendent Charlie Common, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "With evidence that using a phone distracts the driver and reduces their control of the vehicle, these results could have had serious consequences. We are committed to stopping those motorists who continue to ignore the safety warnings."

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