Court drops Cleese driving charges

Monty Python star John Cleese has had court proceedings against him dropped after his car was photographed breaking the speed limit.

The 71-year-old actor had been charged with failing to reveal the identity of the driver of his Mini Cooper, which exceeded the 30mph limit on the A4 at Saltford, between Bath and Bristol, on November 6 last year.

However, all charges against Cleese were withdrawn during a brief hearing at Bath Magistrates' Court. The court heard that a fixed penalty notice had been paid for the speeding offence and the enforcement unit had requested that the case be withdrawn.

It is not known whether Cleese or someone else had accepted the penalty notice.

The speeding offence carries a minimum fine of £60 and three penalty points, in addition to harming a driver's prospects of securing a cheapcar insurance deal.

Last month his spokeswoman maintained that Cleese was not the driver but declined to say who was behind the wheel.

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