Courier fined for ignoring signs

A medical courier has been ordered to pay £515 and received three penalty points after ignoring the directions of Highways Agency traffic officers.

Ikina Goddy Osagie failed to comply with officers' directions when he was instructed into a particular traffic lane while officers attempted to.

Found guilty at Epping Magistrates' Court, the 47-year-old is the first to be fined for such an offence in Essex.

It happened on the southbound carriageway of the M11 in May last year where two traffic officers were carrying out a rolling road block.

The officers wanted to remove hazard cones and used their variable message sign displaying the words 'Don't Pass' to communicate with drivers.

Mr Osagie is said to have initially complied, but then manoeuvred his car past the officers on the inside lane. Officers reported the incident to police.

Sentences for not complying with traffic officers' directions or signs include fines of up to £1,000, driving licence endorsement and disqualification.

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