Councils to tackle pavement parking

The Government is cutting red tape to enable local authorities use their powers to tackle the problem of pavement parking.

Parking on the pavement creates problems for pedestrians, and Regional and Local Transport Minister Norman Baker is urging councils to prevent motorists from leaving their vehicles in this way.

All councils in England are now also allowed to put up signs to indicate a local pavement parking ban.

Although the Department for Transport understands that pavement parking is the only way out for motorists in certain cases, it can be avoided in many cases.

The Minister said: "Parking on the pavement can be selfish and dangerous, putting pedestrians - especially those with disabilities or using pushchairs - in danger. If a vehicle is blocking the pavement then people often have no choice but to walk in the road where they are at much greater risk of being involved in an accident.

"Most drivers are considerate and do not park on the pavement unless it is permitted or necessary. However, there is a selfish minority who do not use their common sense and dump their cars wherever it suits them without a second thought for others.

"I hope that reducing the bureaucracy involved in banning pavement parking will make it easier for councils to use their powers to tackle this nuisance and make life safer for everyone."

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