Councils stockpile more road salt

More than half of all local authorities in England and Wales have more road salt stockpiled for the start of this winter than they had at the same point last year.

Some 51% of councils have a greater amount of salt in reserve for the beginning of this winter than in 2010/11 and 48% say they plan to have the same amount in stock, according to the Local Government Association.

In total, this adds up to about 1.4 million more tonnes of salt being stored up by local authorities this year than last, which translates to an average of 4,900 tonnes in stock for each town hall. This is 1,500 tonnes more than winter 2010/11.

Freezing weather conditions can play havoc with your car and can cause motorists to rely on theirbreakdown cover due to problems such as battery faults, minor accidents and mechanical issues.

But drivers will be reassured by news that nearly a third of councils have invested in new gritters this year and 99% of local authorities will be updating their websites frequently about the state of gritting.

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