Council's savings plan - lights off

A city council is set to save £19,000 in the first year of its plans to switch off street lights.

Leicestershire County Council is also positive of cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by 106 tonnes in the first 12 months of its part-night lighting scheme.

With the expansion of the scheme, costs up to £700,000 and carbon emissions of around 3,000 tonnes can be reduced each year, according to council bosses.

The project was launched by the council 100 days ago, and around 60 lights and 1,300 village lamps have been switched off late at night since then.

Nearly 1,000 more lights and another 28 villages across Leicestershire will be added to the scheme over the next few months.

The council's final aim is to dim about 2,000 roadside lights on main routes between 7pm and 7am, keep around 1,000 lights switched off in rural areas or where they are not near houses. Additionally, as many as 40,000 street lights will remain off between midnight and 5.30am in a number of villages.

The scheme is hoped to contribute 4% of the council's proposed 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2014.

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