Councils 'not fully embracing EVs'

It appears the electric vehicle (EV) trend has yet to take off, as only a small number of councils have installed public charging points.

An RAC Foundation survey found that of the 58 councils in England, Scotland and Wales who responded, only 20 had installed public charging points.

A total of 275 charging points have been fitted - none of which were of the rapid-charge type.

Meanwhile, only seven councils reward electric vehicle drivers with reduced public parking rates.

As well as benefiting the environment, green vehicles can be cheaper to insure. Having comprehensive breakdown cover is vital for all drivers.

The RAC has called on councils to do more to encourage the use of green vehicles. RAC Foundation chairman David Quarmby said: "This survey should serve as a reality check.

Councils have statutory responsibility for a lot of things, but promoting the wider use of green vehicles is not one of them.

"If the Government is serious about carbon emission reductions to meet the climate change targets, it should consider the role that local authorities can play in 'nudging' the use of lower-carbon vehicles of all kinds, and encourage them to use the powers they already have to do so."

The survey did, however, reveal that 33 councils are or soon will be introducing greener vehicles to their own fleets.

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