Councils decrease road budgets

A recent survey has highlighted reductions in local councils' road maintenance budgets.

Cuts of up to £17 million have been observed in some councils, following an Autoglass investigation.

Out of the 18 local authorities asked by Autoglass under the Freedom of Information Act, nine reported cuts while just six said they had no plans to reduce road maintenance spending.

Kent County Council road safety budget saw the massive £17 million drop and fell from £90 million to £73 million.

Bedfordshire, Surrey and Essex recorded a decline of around £1.78 million, £1.25 million and £648,000 respectively.

On the other hand only three councils - Birmingham, Hampshire and Cambridgeshire - recorded upward spending.

Autoglass managing director Matthew Mycock said: "The state of the UK's transport network is a huge issue and and many drivers would be prepared to countenance cuts in other budgets if the money was then earmarked to fix the nation's roads."

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