Council unveils parking spot levy

Nottingham City Council has launched the UK's first council workplace parking charge scheme, and it might not be long before other councils follow suit.

Companies in the city that have more than 10 employee parking spots will have to fork out £288 per space. The Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is expected to generate funds of around £8 million to fund improvements to Nottingham's public transport.

Firms with fewer than 10 parking spaces for employees and emergency services do not have to pay the WPL, while employees of those companies that do could offset some of the added cost by shopping around for the best-pricedcar insurance policy and save money that way.

Some 45,500 parking spots have already been licensed under the scheme and it is thought that a third of all spaces in Nottingham will be licensed in a year's time.

The cost of licensing a parking space will rise from £288 to £33 next year, rising to £364 a year later and £381 in April 2015.

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