Council to return parking fines

Richmond Council is set to return more than £1 million to drivers who were wrongly issued parking tickets.

The council has been ordered by the independent Parking Tribunal Service (Patas) to return the money after it ruled that the council was wrong to issue the tickets.

Around 18,500 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued between April 2009 and April 2011 for offences picked up by camera cars which had not been properly certified.

One of the motorists noticed the problem and raised the issue.

The motorist, thanks to whom thousands of drivers will get a rebate, was praised for his "good old British doggedness".

Motorists who are lucky to get back the money can use it for other motoring costs such as car insurance.

Council leader Lord 1 said: "The council took money from people when we were not entitled to. That was wrong, and the wrong should be put right."

Speaking to the full council, Lord 1 added: "We will write to the registered owner of every vehicle against which a ticket was issued by our camera cars inviting them to apply for a refund."

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