Council to fill village potholes

Essex County Council has said it will begin work to fill in potholes in the village of Navestock, despite the parish council wanting to keep them in place as a "natural traffic calming" measure.

Navestock Parish Council said chasing the council to fill the potholes took "time and resources" and keeping them forced speeding motorists to slow down.

But Essex County Council, which has responsibility for maintaining roads in the area, said it has taken the "opposite view" and will repair the damaged roads in the village "as soon as possible".

Norman Hume, Essex County Council's cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: "This is an interesting idea from Navestock Parish Council.

"However, the vast majority of Essex residents want to travel on safer, smoother roads which is why it is the policy of Essex County Council to fill all potholes as soon as is practical."

Arrangements will now be made to fill in the potholes much to the relief of driving groups who argued the approach would lead to an increase in car insurance claims.

A spokesman for the RAC Foundation said: "While we understand villagers' frustration at inconsiderate motorists, not filling in potholes is the wrong response. Potholes can also damage cars and leave councils open to insurance claim."

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