Council signs deal on electric cars

Milton Keynes Council has signed an agreement with car corporations Renault and Nissan to support a network of battery-powered vehicle charging points and encourage residents to buy electric cars.

The council said the agreement is a "road map" for infrastructure to enable effective use of the vehicles around the town.

A total of 430 public charging points will be installed around Milton Keynes and 2,000 charging points will be installed in private homes.

Motorists in the town will be offered incentives such as free parking and free charging to encourage them to buy an electric vehicle from Renault or Nissan.

The Leaf vehicle, built by Nissan, will be on sale in the UK from early 2011, and Renault's Z E range of vehicles will be available from mid-2011.

Council chief David Hill said: "We are delighted to be working with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to give Milton Keynes people the opportunity to be at the forefront of electric vehicle use. We have always been a pioneer for green technologies and initiatives, and this agreement is yet another positive step for Milton Keynes as a showcase low-carbon city."

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