Council parking clampdown boost

Plans to allow English councils to clamp down on bad parking will make life easier for wheelchair and pushchair users and residents whose driveways are regularly blocked by cars.

From June, enforcement agencies will be able to ticket drivers who park at dropped kerbs or double-park, even where there are no road signs or markings.

The new rules are intended to bring the rest of the country more into line with London, where local authorities already have similar powers.

Said transport minister Paul Clark: "Dropped kerbs are there to help wheelchair users and those with powered mobility vehicles or prams get around easily and safely. They also allow residents to access their garages and driveways.

"The Highway Code is clear that drivers should not stop or park in such places and we believe placing of traffic signs or road markings to indicate these restrictions should not be necessary - as is the case in London.

"The same rules will apply to double parking - a dangerous activity that causes an unnecessary obstruction of the road, putting all road users at risk."

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