Council paints 19-inch double yellows

Council paints 19-inch double yellows

A council has splashed out £1 to paint a stretch of double yellow lines measuring less than 19 inches, it has been revealed.

Motorists in Leicester could encounter the lines if they are searching for a parking spot in the city centre.

Leicester City Council says they were first painted to help separate a disabled parking bay from a regular one on Chatham Street.

The council says although such markings are no longer used in that way a decision was taken to put down a new lick of paint during a wider line-painting operation in the city centre.

But the move has left some motorists questioning whether the double yellow lines are the shortest ever.

Describing the lines as "pretty tiny", one driver said at just a foot-and-a-half long they are barely long enough to get a wheel on, let alone an entire car.

Double yellow lines were first introduced on UK roads under the Road Traffic Act 1960.

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