Council backs car hire schemes

The number of car club bays is set to increase five-fold over the next four months in Wandsworth as part of a council push to ensure all residents in the borough can take advantage of the scheme.

Currently there are some 31 bays in the borough, giving residents the option to pick up and hire a car within a short distance of their home.

However over the next four months the council is looking to expand the number of bays to 150 and hopes to make some 1,000 available in the long term.

It comes after the council teamed up with car club operator Streetcar four years ago.

The number of members in the borough have since increased nearly tenfold - from 1,750 to more than 10,000.

Other studies have shown that one car club vehicle reduces the number of privately owned cars by 20 in an area.

Councillor Russell King, council transport spokesman, said: "Wandsworth is already the car club capital of south London and this next phase of investment will propel us further ahead. We want every one in the borough to have easy access to the scheme."

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