Cost fuels drivers' interest in CO2

Cost fuels drivers' interest in CO2

Used car buyers are increasingly concerned about carbon dioxide emissions, latest research has suggested.

But the interest in CO2 is fuelled by financial considerations rather than environmental concerns, according to the survey from vehicle information experts HPI.

Many drivers are looking to offset the cost of maintenance,breakdown cover , road tax andcar insurance by taking advantage of the lower tax regime applied to so-called green fuel.

The survey of UK motor dealers surveyed by HPI revealed a rise in the number of consumers asking them for CO2 information as part of the used car buying process.

More than three-quarters (77%) said there was a greater awareness of CO2 emissions among customers.

However 85% believed this is because of lower tax benefits and 49% said lower running costs were the reason for their customers "going green".

Some 37% said that CO2 emissions would frequently affect a customer's decision to buy a vehicle and only 13% of dealers said CO2 emissions were not an important factor.

Some 28% of used car dealers said they never obtained CO2 certificates for the stock on their forecourt and 15% said they rarely did so.

The majority of dealers who do obtain the certificate display it - and 61% said the certificate assisted the sales process.

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