Cost cutting drivers taking risks

In the face of increasing road tax and fuel costs, millions of motorists are trying to save money by taking risks with their car maintenance, a new study has found.

According to the YouGov survey for carmaker Ford, as many as 18% of drivers admitted they do not have any breakdown cover.

Meanwhile, 15% said they skipped or postponed routine servicing of their car in a bid to reduce overall motoring costs.

Younger drivers were found to be more likely to take risks with their car maintenance, with 35% of people aged 18-24 and 28% of those in 25-34 age group deciding to run their vehicles without any roadside assistance.

Meanwhile, as many as 22% of motorists in London are likely to put their faith in their vehicle's reliability.

Commenting on the survey results, Mike Weatherston - group service marketing manager at Hendy Ford - said: "It's a story we hear often but while trying to avoid the cost, many of these drivers could regret skipping basic maintenance and roadside cover."

Drivers have been found to forgo car maintenance, despite a recent study showing that one in six motorists experience a breakdown at least once a year.

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