Corvette wins MPG challenge. Really

The 200mph, rip-roaring, all-American, in your face, get-outa-my-way, take no prisoners, no holds barred Corvette Z06 supercar is a global gas-guzzler par excellence, right?

Er, wrong, actually. In fact, this symbol of automotive excess has just proved itself to be nothing more than a modern family hatchback in disguise.

Really. Believe it or not, it has just been crowned the overall winner in the annual Fleetworld/ALD Automotive MPG Marathon, recording a record 61.26% improvement over the official combined figure in the two-day, 411-mile economy drive.

It somehow managed to achieve a miserly (for a `Vette) combined 30.96mpg, proving that a sensible (for a `Vette) approach can pay dividends.

Using Total Excellium high octane petrol at a cost of 109.9p per litre, the Corvette used £66.41 worth over the route, a saving of £40.54 compared to its official combined figure of 19.2mpg.

Said MPG Marathon organiser Ross Durkin: "Driving economically is possible in whatever car you own - all it takes is consideration of prevailing road conditions and an educated approach to how you drive your car."

The Corvette Z06 '505 hp' is available in the UK now, priced from £54,995.

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