Cop drives cancer boy to airport

A Fife police officer has helped a young boy battling a rare form of cancer catch a holiday flight after his family got stranded in snow.

PC Keith Leinster of Fife Constabulary drove Phyllis and Michael Thom and their six-year-old son Brandon to Edinburgh airport in his own vehicle after the family's car left the road in the snow on the outskirts of Cupar, Fife.

Brandon, from St Andrews, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma around a year and a half ago after a tumour was found in his stomach, had been looking forward to the trip to Lapland to see Santa Claus.

After being stranded, the family feared Brandon would have to miss out on the trip, but PC Leinster, despite having worked the night shift, stepped in to drive them to the airport.

Brandon's mother told The Courier newspaper: "The guy had been working all night and then took us through to Edinburgh when he should have been in his bed or back home with his family.

"He did it without batting an eyelid and it meant so much to Brandon and us that he did that and made sure Brandon could have this magical experience."

His trip was organised through the charity Fighting Against Cancer Edinburgh (FACE).

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