Cool box rider gets driving ban

An Australian man has been convicted of drink-driving after taking a midnight ride on a motorised cool box.

Chris Petrie has been handed a 10-month ban and fined $500 (£320) after police who breathalysed him found he was three times over the legal alcohol limit.

He bought the cool box on eBay for $600.00 (£383) and put it together at his home in Noosa, Queensland, with the help of some friends.

When the job was done and the 23-year-old and his friends had had a few drinks, he decided to try out the new vehicle.

"By the time we built it was quite late. So we thought we'd go for a bit of a test run," said Mr Petrie.

While he was taking the cool box out on a spin along Noosa Parade, police stopped and tested him.

Beside being over the alcohol limit, Mr Petrie had no licence to show and was charged. At the trial, his lawyer argued that Mr Petrie did not know that the mobile cool box was categorised as a vehicle.

But the court found him guilty of drink-driving and ordered the suspension and fine.

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