Continental introduces new tyre

Continental has introduced its latest ultra high-performance tyre, promising maximum support for sports cars both on wet and dry roads.

While developing the ContiSportContact 5 P, the firm used new techniques for the composition of the tread compound and the reinforcing material.

They added new carbon blacks and resins into the compound to support the flexibility of the rubber and the rigidity of the tyre.

The new high-performance tyre has a large number of small tread blocks on the middle and side areas of the tread.

This results in many transverse edges on the tyre surface, which cut through the film of water on the road like a windscreen wiper, quickly diverting water away from the tread blocks.

Meanwhile, in a bid to further enhance the characteristics of the tyre, Continental's engineers used a hybrid reinforcing material - a mixture of aramid and nylon threads.

This combination improves the flexibility and rigidity of the tyre's contact area, ensuring that steering and braking commands are transmitted from tyre to road even more safely and directly.

The ContiSportContact 5 P is already OE approved on the Renault Megane III Sport RS, the Audi TT RS and the Mercedes AMG C-Class and E-Class.

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